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Salak Butik Hotel in Bogor

Salak Butik Hotel is located at at Jl. Sangga Buana No. 5, 7, 11 & 13 Bogor. Since it has been built under the management of Hotel Salak, it has the same style and design as Hotel Salak. It is quite shocking at the first glance that the hotel itself is actually modified by joining three or four houses to be integrated as one hotel. It is actually several houses which is functioning as a hotel.

It is quite difficult to find some sort of standard facilities that can normally be seen in a hotel. One reason can be told that because this hotel is actually several residential houses. It doesn’t have any swimming pool , fitness centre, tennis yard or maybe a football court around the hotel.

At minimum, it can be assured that they are still providing meeting room and also dining room. There are some spacious living room in one of the residential house building which has been modified to be used for meeting and dining.

Similarly with Hotel Salak, the design and interior are all look the same. It’s quite logic since it has been under the same supervision and management as Hotel Salak.

Details and more subtle information can be found in their official website at :

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