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Pempek Tunu

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This is another article about pempek which is specifically describes another type of pempek. In order to look for the original pempek article, just read the article with the title of ‘Pempek Palembang’ in this link. From the look of it, actually the shape or the form of pempek tunu slightly look like some Japanese snack which is famous in Japanese cartoon series of ‘Doraemon’ which is called ‘Dorayaki’. The name itself, tunu means roast or grill in Palembangnese language. So, it is actually a grilled pempek where  pempek Tunu often called Grilled Pempek.  The following is an example of the image of pempek tunu :

Pempek Tunu
Pempek Tunu ( )


The main difference is the center part of pempek tunu does not contain chocolate jam. On the other hand, it contains sweet soy sauce, mixture of cayenne and dried shrimp. Pempek tunu is made by roasting or grilling it like pempek lenggang, but it will have different kind of taste and flavor. The following is a sample image of the processing step :

Pempek Tunu
Pempek Tunu (

But actually, in order to be more practical, just use flat skillet to roast it. Generally speaking, the ingredients for pempek tunu is a certain type of pempek made from dough of sago flour and mackerel fish meat which is shaped into a flat round then grilled over hot coals.

Normally, in order to serve it, this grilled pempek is sliced into two parts. After that, it is then filled with sweet soy sauce, sprinkling of ebi powder with a little finely ground cayenne pepper. So, in the serving, it doesn’t doused in a cuko sauce but it is sliced it into two parts and filled with the previous ingredints mentioned. But actually, served with or without cuko sauce, it is still very delicious. Unfortunately, pempek tunu is rarely found outside Palembang.

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