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Pempek Keriting

General Information

Pempek keriting (curly pempek) has its own name from the shape and the texture of it. It has the form of curly hair. This variant of pempek is rarely seen in any events occur in Palembang. The possible reason is because the difficulty level and the length of time needed for producing it in a large quantity number. Despite of it, pempek keriting (curly pempek) is really a delicious variant of pempek.

Pempek Keriting
Pempek Keriting


This variant of pempek is really one of the most pempek with higher level of difficulty on the making process. The reason for that thing is because it needs an extra effort if it is made traditionally. How that can possibly be not the case whenever the process to shape those curly forms is done by using a traditional way ?. Palembang native residents need some special tools called ‘pirikan’ in order to do that. At first, pempek keriting (curly pembek) dough is weighed, then it will be pressed using that ‘pirikan’ tool so the down will flow out through the small hole of the ‘pirikan’ tool and become such strands with a curly form. Finally, shape the dough into some form of small noodle ball. The following is another image of pempek keriting (curly pempek ) :

Pempek Keriting (Curly Pempek)
Pempek Keriting (Curly Pempek) :

With the proportional mixed of fish and sago flour yang proporsional, pempek keriting (curly pempek) is the pempek with most strong fish taste compared with other types or variant. Most people like to fry this kind pempek. But as pempek lover, enjoying the one without having to fry it first because of its original taste and flavor is really interesting. So, it is fine to fry it before eating it. But it also still very delicious to eat without frying it first.

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