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Pempek Adaan

General Information

Pempek adaan is another type or variant from pempek as a unique Palembang originated culinary. Pempek adaan usually have a round shape like meatball. Many people also called pempek adaan as pempek bulat (round pempek) because of its shape which is look like ball. Because of its rounded feature and its based ingredients is fish, it also look like with another Indonesian unique culinary called fish meat ball. The savory taste of pempek adaan is making the pempek fan-based are greatly fond of it.

The following is the image of pempek adaan just for an example :

Pempek Adaan
Pempek Adaan ( Instagram @juragan_pempek )



The ingredients for making pempek adaan is just the same for making pempek kapal selam (submarine pempek) and pempek lenjer, but there are additional spices like garlic, onion and thick coconut milk. Pempek adaan does not use any original based dough like any other pempek type. It does not use any ‘source’ or dough resembling glue-looks that is produced from heated tapioca solution. It make pempek adaan itself has a rough, coarser and more chewy texture.

In order to make it more delicious, for some people, they usually and mix the traditional pempek dough with chopped spring onions.  Because of this different composition using coconut milk in its dough, it is known for its savory and soft flavor compared with the other type of pempek.  After the dough is made into a round shape, it is directly fried without having to boil it first like cooking pempek kapal selam dan lenjer. After the shaping process into a round shape, it can be fried directly.


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