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Thomas Beach

General Information

This is actually a different beach or it is actually a beach where the location near Padang Padang Beach in Bali. Many confuse Thomas Beach with Padang Padang Beach which the reason is because the two of them exist in the near location. According to the Google map, it is actually a different location.


Water Activities

There are lots of possible water activities as also in another normal beach in Bali. One of those are stand up paddle boarding, surfing, swimming, etc.

Beach Activities

On the other hand, for the beach activities, there are volley beach.


Thomas Beach exist along the southwest coastline of the Peninsula Hill in Uluwatu, South Bali. Thomas beach is surrounded between several famous beaches in Uluwatu, such as Labuan Sait Beach, Padang Padang Beach and also Suluban Beach. For the exact location, Thomas Beach itself  is exactly halfway between or it is in-between Labuan Sait Beach or Padang Padang Beach and also Suluban Beach which is known with another name as Blue Point Beach. Below is the location of Thomas Beach in the google map :


Accessing Thomas Beach can be a little bit tricky. In a way for accessing the beach itself. According to some people, in order to access the parking lot from the main road will be very difficult. The reason is because the path  is pretty rocky and bumpy. The alternative will be either park at the gate at the main road and walk. Another way is to hire a motorbike taxi to access the parking lot. But for some people, they say that using a scooter driver will make it easy but that is just a subjective opinion. So, after arriving to the parking lot, just climb down some stairs before reaching the beach.

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