Batu Mejan Beach Bali

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Batu Mejan Beach Bali

General Information

This is another article which is basically discussing the same beach exist in the previous article. It is actually the same beach with a beach named ‘Echo Beach‘. Basically, this is actually another type of article which is discussing the same beach. The beach has several names which is also it is true in the case of Batu Mejan Beach or ‘Mejan Stone Beach’. In Indonesia, the word ‘batu’ means ‘stone’ in English. So, ‘Batu Mejan’ or ‘Mejan Stone’ is actually the same name. Originally, the beach have the name of ‘Batu Mejan Beach’ or ‘Mejan Stone Beach’. But time after time after, using the name ‘Batu Mejan Beach’ or ‘Mejan Stone Beach’ was not quite as popular as before.

Beach Name

Many foreign tourists know this beach as Echo Beach. It is far easy to remember since the word and also the pronunciation is short. The name ‘Echo’ itself is from the name of the Echo Beach Club exist beside Pura Batu Mejan. In Canggu area where the beach exist, there are two main temples exist. Both of those temples are hundreds of years old and were initiated for building by Dang Hyang Nirartha. One of that temple is the ‘Batu Mejan Temple’, ‘Pura Batu Mejan’, ‘Mejan Stone Temple’ where obviously the locals called ‘Pura’ for ‘Temple’ in English.


As for the location, apparently it is still using the name of ‘Batu Mejan’ beach. It is actually exist where it is the westernmost beach in Canggu just before Perenenan. In Google Map, the keyword ‘Batu Mejan’ beach will actually point out into the same location where Echo beach actually exist. But unfortunately, using ‘Echo’ beach name as the search keyword will do not produce the same result pointing the beach as ‘Batu Mejan’ beach.

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