Blang Kolam Waterfall Aceh

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Blang Kolam Waterfall Aceh


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Another fascinating tourism destination in Aceh is the Blang Kolam Waterfall. It is quite high with the height around 75 meters. The waterfall looks beautiful, quite lovely and natural because of its surrounding trees and has an atmosphere of quite dense jungle.

Since the forest in the right side and also the left side of the stairways through Blang Kolam Waterfall is still dense, the air for breathing is still very fresh for the visitor visiting it.

Descending the stairs go through to the Blang Kolam Waterfall, the voice of birds chirping is easily to be heard. Moreover, the sound of monkey milling around the trees can also be heard. The true fresh of the air is actually waiting in the end of the stairs.

After getting tired descending the stairs, the visitor will directly see the waterfall welcoming them with the the air and view of the falling water. It is giving a nice and ease feeling that can comfort and relieve the body. At the top of the waterfall, there is a poodle of water that seemed to be contained in a giant grail. Around the Blang Kolam waterfall, many street vendors selling food and drinks. It is quite comfortable to seek it from the street vendor whenever hungry or thirst suddenly appear.

Address : Sido Muliyo, Nisam Antara, North Aceh , Aceh
Ticket Price : IDR 10.000
Open : 08.00 AM – 06.00 PM


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