Lake Sarangan

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Lake Sarangan


Lake Sarangan is one of the famous place for tourist attraction in East Java. It is actually a lake which exists in the border of East Java and Central Java, specifically located in Magetan Regency. At the foot of Mount Lawu, we can found Lake Sarangan with the beauty of its view. It is located around 16 kilometers through the west of Magetan. With the ground temperature of 18-25o celcius, around 28 meters of depth and width of 30 hectare.

There is a legend or folktale talk has been told about Lake Sarangan. Once upon a time there are a couple of husband and wife, Kyai Pasir and Nyai Pasir who lived in the slope of Mount Lawu as a farmer. They spent a simple life in their small wooden house with roof made from leaves. There was a day where Kyai Pasir went down to seek some woods and cut some trees where suddenly he found an egg in under one of the tree which he cut. The egg which he found is brought home and is given to hiswife to be turned into a breakfast for them.

After taking the breakfast, as usual Kyai Pasir went to the farm when suddenly his body becoming uncomfortable with itches and heat. To ease the pain from itches and heat he rolled on the ground but after that he weirdly turn into a big dragon snake. As Nyai Pasir, she also felt the same situation and went to the farm where she also changed into a big dragon snake there. The increase of itches and heat make both of them rolled the farm and created a huge cavity. Filled with lot of water flows from the surrounding land made it into a basin where the two dragons sunk.

The local residents near the lake often called it as Telaga Pasir, but since it is located in Sarangan, Plaosan, Magetan Regency, even now lot of people known it as Lake Sarangan. We can find a lot of things that can be done in the area. One of those things are taking a speedboat to explore around the lake.

There are a lot of speedboat which can be rented to explore surroundings of the lake. And there is an announcement board that informs the price of the rented boat. It is Rp. 40.000,- or it is around $3.5 for one circling of the lake. It is quite an interesting experience since it is a rare chance riding the speedboat circling the lake.

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