Lake Ranau

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Lake Ranau

The lake is in South Sumatera. Based on the legend, this lake exists from huge earthquake and volcanic eruption.That huge earthquake and volcanic eruption is predicted to create a large basin. After that basin was filled by water, the surrounding was slowly grown by a lot of plants one of them are bushes. That is where the lake’s name came from since the local residents called those bushes as ‘ranau’. Based on the lake’s creation process which is acquired from the huge earthquake and volcanic eruption, there is part of the volcano which is still exists and is still can be seen. It is standing there behind the lake which became quite a beautiful scenery. The local people called it Mount Seminung.

With the height of around 1881 meters, Mount Seminung on the other side of it, we can found a hot spring which is poured from the bottom of Lake Ranau as the source of that hot spring. In the middle of the lake, we can also see a small island which is called Island Marisa. Another interesting object which cannot be missed is the fountain which is exists there named Subik.

Lake Ranau can be accessed by using land transportation in within 7-8 hours. But usually there isn’t any travel bus or any other means of transportation that access Lake Ranau directly since it stops in Banding Agung. From Banding Agung, we have to switch and search for another means of transportation like car rental or motorcycle rental which is in Indonesia is well-known as ‘ojek’.

The roads which is taken to get to Lake Ranau from Palembang is surrounded by hills. Lake Ranau which is lies about 340 kilometers from Palembang , 130 kilometers from Baturaja and around 50 kilometers from Muara Dua is quite a nice place to be visited.

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