Lake Laut Tawar Central Aceh

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Lake Laut Tawar

Lake Laut Tawar, Aceh Source : Image By : Asep Mulyadi - CC BY 2.0
Lake Laut Tawar, Aceh Source : Image By : Asep Mulyadi – CC BY 2.0


Lake Laut Tawar is a lake and a tourism destination which exist in Gayo Highlands. Precisely, it is in Lut Tawar District, east of Takengon City, Central Aceh Regency, Aceh Province or Nangroe Aceh Darussalam Province, Indonesia. In the west side of this lake, exist a city which is the capital city of Central Aceh Regency, Takengon City. The name of the lake is ‘Laut Tawar’. Thus, it is literally an Indonesian word for “freshwater sea”.  So, it is also called as Fresh Sea Lake. A native tribe, the Gayo Tribe which exist in its surrounding called this lake “Danau Lut Tawar.”

Furthermore, the name Laut Tawar or Fresh Sea is an obvious name. Since the area is quite vast where it has fresh water in it. So, that is also become the reason for why the existence of Laut Tawar Lake is mainly become the water resource. The local inhabitants use it for the all entire daily needs. Not only to the locals in Central Aceh Regency but also by people in other districts as well. As for the size of the lake is approximately around 5,472 hectares. It has the length of 17 km and also a width of 3.219 km. Furthermore, the lake’s volume of water is approximately around 2,537,483,884 m³ (2.5 trillion liters).


Its main origin can be found in another article. But based on the folk legend, Lake Laut Tawar appear to be exist from a folklore. It is about a princess whom married a man from another kingdom. Unfortunately, the marriage itself is not blessed by her parents. Therefore, when she left the palace while turning her face backward, it made thunder, lightning and heavy rain took the princess fell down and cried. So, believe it or not, the source water of the Lake Laut Tawar comes from the rain and the crying of the princess.

Originally, in the region of Aceh itself, it possess beautiful natural scenery. In the fertile soil earth which people of Indonesia always called Aceh as the Veranda of Mecca lies hidden extraordinary places such as the sea, forests, mountains, and lakes. It is not too much to say that some people said that Aceh is a region which is originally part of the heaven that God sent down to earth.

Main Attractions

As for the main attractions, the lake itself is already the main attractions. Actually, many travelers aware that there are two well-known lakes which is considered as a golden opportunity for travel destination in Aceh. Between the two of them, the first one is Lake Laut Tawar. Lake Laut Tawar is the pride of the Acehnese people. This lake is a natural tourist attraction visited by many domestic and foreign tourists.

As for the other part of the attractions, there is a scenery symbolize beautiful panorama surrounding the lake. Moreover, the lake itself is also flanked by two hills emitting beautiful radiance. Another appealing aspect is the existence of the only species or type of fish in the lake.  It has an unique shape with a slender body as big as human thumb. The color is sparkling white and it taste savory. That fish species is Rasbora Tawarensis which is the local people normally call it as Depik Fish.

For another sightseeing alternative, travelers can see people farming and fishing in this area around the lake. Those are daily activities which the locals live with it as part of their daily life. In the farming section, there are lots of main commodities in the Gayo highlands such as the infamous Gayo coffee (Arabica coffee). Another farming commodities such as fruits which the main Gayo well-known plantation for fruits are tangerines and avocados. Moreover, there are also vegetables, potatoes,  tomatoes, chilies and also corns.

Accessing Location

There are many ways to access Lake Laut Tawar. One of the alternative which is a lot easier is through Bireuen City. Just use a special elf transportation from a small terminal which hangs out to Takengon. It will take about 5 hours from there. Another alternative apart from Bireuen, use another roads to Takengon via Blang Kejeren and Kutacane.

As for another route around the lake which is through the most popular tours in the Gayo highlands, now provides a stop at three piers at once, namely Toweren Village, Mendale Village, and Loyang Koro Cave piers. Those piers are also the most popular tourist destinations for tourists in Central Aceh. So, before going on to Lake Laut Tawar in order to explore those piers, there is a speedboat exist at the Grand Renggali Hotel Pier. It is a hotel exists on Jalan Takengon, Bintang, Teluk One-one Village, Takengon, Central Aceh. It is only take for about 10 minutes from the center of Takengon City.


Lake Laut Tawar is located at 4°36′43″N 96°55′25″E. Below is the location in the Google Map :

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