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Sate Padang

General Information

Actually, in Indonesian food specialty, aside from Soto where it has various kinds depend on the region where it exist, it also quite similar with sate. Sate or satay has also several type in Indonesia although it is not as much as soto. Sate padang, according to the information on Wikipedia, it is more commonly referred to as Padang Satay.

It is a speciality satay from Minangkabau cuisine and the main ingredients are beef cut into the form of small cubes with spicy sauce on top. The main characteristic of the spicy sauce is the thick yellow sauce made from rice flour mixed with beef and offal broth, turmeric, ginger, garlic, corander, galangal root, cumin, curry powder and salt.

In Medan which is exist in the North Sumatera, the neighboring city of West Sumatera, many Sate Padang use not only beef but also chicken, goat, lamb and mutton. The dishes also has fried shallot is on top of sate padang, and lontong as the side. The following is the appearance of Sate Padang image :

Sate Padang
Pempek Palembang Source : Wikipedia Image By : Sakurai Midori – Own work CC By SA-3.0


Still, according to the information in Wikipedia, Sate padang original main ingredient is fresh beef. Boiling twice in a large drum contains water to make the meat soft and juicy. After boiling the meat, the next process is slicing the meat into parts. Soon after slicing the meat into many parts, sprinkling spices is the next step. Furthermore, the broth is then used to make the sauce, mixed with 19 kinds of spices which have been smoothed and stirred with various kinds of chili.

All seasonings are then put together and cooked for 15 minutes. According to further search, those spices and seasongs composition includes onion, garlic, dry red chilli, coriander, galangal, ginger, turmeric, ground cumin, salt, sugar, among the others. Grilling the sate is the last process before the final serving step, using coconut shell charcoal.


There are various types of Sate Padang circulating in different areas of West Sumatra, which each have a historical background, spice blend, and different processing. This study aimed to obtain satay as one gastronomic ethnic or ethical Padang. Mainly, there are three types of sate padang. According to the information on Wikipedia, those are Sate Padang, Sate Padang Panjang and Sate Pariaman. In order to differentiate those three types, it is by the colour of their sauce.

Usually, Sate Padang Panjang has yellow-coloured sauce while Sate Pariaman has red-coloured sauce. Since the sauces are different, the taste of both sate will also different. Sate Padang has a flavor blended from the other two. But another searching result on several more types beside those three. The results showed there were an additional kind of Sate Padang include Dangung-Dangung, Peanut Sate Dangung-Dangung and also Sate Batusangkar. Each type of satay had a history, type of seasoning, processing, and marketing techniques of its own. Until now, Sate Padang as one of the specialties of West Sumatra. It is in quite much in demand by domestic and foreign tourists.

Where to find

In summary, since Sate Padang is also popular Indonesian dishes where the main origin is in several area of West Sumatera, it is also popular and available in other places in Indonesia. Mainly because it is a typical food of West Sumatra and one part traditional Indonesian food heritage. It is available from the traveling traditional cart as the street vendors until a main top restaurant either it is in a single form restaurant or an outlet inside malls or shopping centers.

One of them is Sate Padang Mak Syukur. Originally exist in West Sumatera in the City of Padang Panjang. The following is the location of it :

In Jakarta, Sate Padang Mak Syukur also has a branch operation exist in East Jakarta. The following is the location of it :

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