Pempek Telur Kecil

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Pempek Telur Kecil (Small Egg Pempek)

General Information

Small Egg Pempek is one of the pempek variant which has lots of fan-base. According to most of the people, it has a cute shape which is very appetizing. As exist in part of its name, it has one mixed egg or ‘telur’ or ‘telor’ as it is in the Indonesian language to call ‘egg’. It has the shape of a pempek kapal selam (submarine pempek) type but with a smaller size. Normally, the comparation size is 1 to 4 or 1 to 5 with the submarine pempek type. So, in other words, it is a type of pempekĀ  filled with egg similar to pempek kapal selam (submarine pempek), but smaller in size.

Pempek Telur Kecil
Pempek Telur Kecil :

Small Egg Pempek is rarely served in events. The reason for that is because of the possibility of the egg inside of it will crumble in a mess upon slicing or cutting it. It is more suitable to enjoy it as a snack. It is considered as a healthy snack with the egg in it. Furthermore, like the other various type of pempek, it is also very delicious. Consider it as consuming a submarine pempek type with an egg inside of it. With a similar flavor with the original submarine pempek type, it is very practical to enjoy it. It does not need any plates or spoons. Just forks and small bowles.


Ultimately, the main ingredients for making pempek telur kecil (small egg pempek) is quite the same with the original pempek kapal selam. But on the other hand, it is also need eggs for the filling inside of it. It requires a nimble hand and swift one to make this kind of pempek. Beside of that, it require a good instinct. The reason is because this kind of pempek can easily break in the making process of it. It is because it has the egg as the filling.

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