Pempek Lenggang

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Pempek Lenggang

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This article has a connection with the main culinary where it is the basis of it. In Palembang where pempek is actually its originated from, it is grilled or roasted. For more information about the root of the food which is Pempek Palembang, read the article with the title of ‘Pempek Palembang’ in this link.

So, as a popular culinary from Palembang or South Sumatera in general, it is a variant of pempek where grilling or roasting is part of the process for producing it. The following is the image of pempek lenggang as an example :

Pempek Lenggang
Pempek Lenggang


The original pempek lenggang is made from raw dough of grilled or baked pempek. The content of that raw dough material consisting of mixture of finely ground river fish meat, sago flour, water and spices. It is also mixed together with duck eggs or chicken eggs in a banana leaf container in the form of a cube bowl. In other words, it is actually made from the basic dough of pempek lenjer which is mixed with beaten chicken or duck egg. Read the article with the title of ‘Pempek Lenjer’ to read more about it in this link.

After that just bake or grill as the final step for processing pempek lenggang. There are several ways to carry out the baking process. The first one is by grilling it on top coals and. The other way is to fry it on a non-sticky frying pan.  After finishing on grilling or baking it, the serving process is done by placing it on top of a rectangular banana leaf.

Another grill or bake process is before the actual baking or roasting take place, the pempek lenggang is molded into a rectangular shape form using takir. So, what is takir actually ?. Well, it is a term or definition of banana leaves in the shape of a rectangular bowl clamped with a small stick. Pempek lenggang is wrapped using it.

But along the way, it can be served in a more simple way. Many people made this kind of pempek by frying and mixing it with egg like making omelet. So, beside bake or grill the pempek, the other  way which is known to process pempek lenggang is to actually fry it. The shape of pempek lenggang itself is following the shape of the frying pan used upon the cooking process. The taste and flavor of fried pempek lenggang is quite similar with omelet with additional pempek inside of it.

In a more simple way, fried pempek lenggang is made from pempek lenjer which is cut into several small pieces. Those pieces will be mixed together with beaten chicken egg or duck egg. Fried it with a little oil until the mixed egg and pempek lenjer is come together into a single piece. Similar with every other pempek, pempek lenggang is enjoyed with cuko sauce as an additional.

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