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Pempek Kribo

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Actually, this is another variety of pempek. The term variety of pempek is in the context of its shape. ‘Kribo’ is a word or a term in Indonesian language which is describing a very curly hair. Using that word or that term which is pointing out the shape of a very curly hair, it become the name for that pempek variety. It is where it has the same curly shape of the pempek and applied it as part of the name too. That is the reason of why it is receiving the name ‘pempek kribo’ or curly pempek. Below is a sample image describing ‘pempek kribo’ :

Pempek Kribo
Pempek Kribo Source : Image By : Midori – CC BY SA 3.0

Several people get this term confusing. Because it is actually interchanging with another term ‘keriting’ or ‘pempek keriting’. Both of them are actually have similar shapes. Basically, ‘keriting’ is also an Indonesian language which is referring to the shape of a hair. In this context, it is referring to a wavy hair shape. Either it is wavy or curly which in Indonesian is ‘keriting’ or ‘kribo’ to name the pempek, it seems does not have any specific references. Both of the name or the variety can be interchanged in either ‘pempek keriting’ or ‘pempek kribo’.

The point is that both of this pempek has a shape of wavy or curly hair as it exist in the image. More over, it is normally has the same ingredients with the original pempek dishes. Since it is originated from a dough which can be shaped into lots of various shape including the shape of submarine, curly or wavy hair, it is getting a lot of names just for the shape of the pempek. But actually, it is referring to the same type of food which basically has the similar type of ingredients.

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