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Pempek Kapal Selam (Submarine Pempek)

General Information

For people who have been a fan for pempek or anyone else who hear it for the first time, why does it called a submarine type of pempek ?. Well, it is a varian or a type of pempek with the shape of pocket or bag with egg filling inside of it.

So, what is the relationship between pempek as a food with the submarine as it becomes part of the food’s name ?. Actually, the name of pempek kapal selam is relatively new. In old days, originated from Palembang, Palembangnese actually call it pempek telok besak.

Another suggestion as a reason because of the step exist as part of process producing the food itself. In the boiling process, pempek will fall into the boiled water which also has a bigger shape. It will drown like a submarine. So, it has nothing to do with the material of the food itself. The following is the image sample of the pempek kapal selam :

Pempek Kapal Selam
Pempek Kapal Selam ( )

Compared with other variant or type of pempek, it is the largest one. Using egg as its filling, it is quite normal that this type of pempek is the most searched one by the Palembang originated-based culinary fans. The price is also often more expensive other than the other type of pempek. The following is another image of pempek kapal selam :

Pempek Kapal Selam
Pempek Kapal Selam ( Instagram Pempek Ny. Kamto )



Pempek Kapal Selam (Submarine pempek), which is made from a chicken egg wrapped within the pempek dough and then deep-fried. The shape is similar to Chinese dumplings but larger in size. As a common ground of knowledge, egg as additioni will be a nice one to have in pempek. The reason is because it is rich in protein, fat, vitamin A, mineral, and carbohydrate elements. It is one of the most nutritious variety pempek. As the name of the food itself, it is derived from the shape of pempek that resembles submersible midget submarine.

It requires quite a high accurate sense in order to create it. In order to make it, it will have to be shaped like a bag or pocket. After that, just insert a raw egg. That bag or pocket shaped form must be closed also in a certain way. If the pempek dough is to thin or it does not sealed-off well, the raw egg filling will get leaked. If that happens, the making process of pempek kapal selam (submarine pempek) is considered as a failure. Because of that, someone who make pempek kapal selam (submarine pempek) usually is someone who has already made it or an expert on making it.


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