Sawangan Beach Bali

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Sawangan Beach

General Information

Actually, this Beach has a previous name which known before as Nikko Beach. Actually, many tourist have their opinion about the beaches around Nusa Dua. But among all of them, Sawangan Beach is known for one of the beautiful beaches in Nusa Dua. Although there is a bit of a disadvantage about reaching it. Because the location is a bit off-beaten track, not many of tourists can access and find the beach easily.


Water Activities

Swimming is one of the activity which is not possible to do in the beach. Because of the strong currents and high waves in this beach for a precaution. Just consider it not appropriate to swim in this beach.

Beach Activities

On beach activities are very famous for camel riding tours. Actually, there are camels for rent to ride along the beach. It is a trip on riding on the camel to take a walk along the beach.

Other activities on the beach for further consideration is sunbathing like any other beaches around Bali. It is a quite a perfect place to do that.


Sawangan Beach is also one of the beach exist in Nusa Dua. Precisely, it is located behind the Hilton Bali Resort. For those who do not know how to reach it, there is a public access accessed through a little side road next to the current Hilton Hotel. In other words, actually in order to get through it, there is a public entry is through the road beside Hilton Resort.  If you go to that road by car, still need to take a walk down a steep ramp to the beach. On the other hand, it is a different case when riding a motorbike. It is possible to bring it to the shore. Just go to a road with the named of Jalan Gunung Payung I. Below is the map pointing in the location of Sawangan Beach :

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