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Pura Geger Beach

General Information

Many of tourists either local or foreign are getting confused by two similar names of beach exist in Nusa Dua Bali. One of the is Pura Geger Beach which is the exact location closed with Nusa Dua Mulia Resort. The other one is Geger Beach and both of them are totally different beach. Pura Geger Beach are totally a hidden gem with not many tourists either local or foreign can find it out. Since in the area there is a Pura for the Indonesian language of Balinese temple, it overlooks the namesake Geger Beach. In this place, seeing the waves from the open sea crash at its rocky limestone base and the outline of the temple’s towering shrines adds an impressive frame to the overall seascape of it.

Pura Geger lies just south of Geger beach. It is located near the temple that is situated on a cliff and looks out over the ocean. This beach is very small but has some beautiful rocks and cliffs to explore. As typical beach in Bali with white sandy beach, it is hidden at the base of the high cliff. It is rich with panoramic views of the blue sea, crystal water, dense green vegetation and tranquil atmosphere.

Please be cautious of the tide. In order to be able to walk around on the beach, it is possible if it is in low tide. Walking around the beach can be very exciting. Because a long the way, there are several little caves and temple that is tucked away between the cliffs. It is an unbeatable experience to be able to look for especially its green cliffs are incredible.


Below is the map location showing Pura Geger Beach :


Apparently, for fee entrance it take 5000 IDR. In order to access it, just follow a path up from the beach. There is a small temple at the to of it. Actually, although the temple itself is usually locked, it is free to visit the outer grounds and to peer through the gates at its inner shrines. Then, just look for a narrow pathway. It will leads you to a hidden stretch of beach at the base of the temple, accessible at low tide.

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