Pererenan Beach Bali

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Pererenan Beach

General Information

This beach is famous mostly for surfers riding the waves. The beach has a great view towards Legian, Kuta, Jimbaran and GWK in the distance. Furthermore, it has the coastal with the stunning scenery to the Indian Ocean. As for visitors of the Pererenan beach, it is mostly foreign tourists. As for the introduction of this beach which is actually one of the surfers’ favorite spots, especially advance and professional surfers, there is a reason for that. Pererenan beach has great, fast waves and it is also not too crowded.

As a perfect spot for surfing, it is also quite close to another several surf spots such as Batu Mejan (Echo Beach), Batu Bolong and Berawa Beach. Pererenan Beach is a famous beach with great and powerful waves that make it as the favorite surf spot in Bali by both surfers from local and foreign countries.  As for the atmosphere, it has an amazing sunset, cool sea breeze, great waves, blue water and rocks. Another unique sightseeing will be  the statue of Gajah Mina, an elephant-headed fish standing with the height of 12 meters.

Sand Color

Some people look at it as grayish-black sand or just a black sand stretch along the coast for about 500 meters.


Water Activities

Normally, swimming will be the activity normally visitor will do, but just be careful when swimming and wading, waves can come so fast and strong. But for some people, Pererenan Beach is the sea which is not really suitable for swimming.

Beach Activities

As for the activities in the beach, there are lots of variety ranging from sunbathing, horseback riding, or walking along the beach. It is also a safe place for kids to play sand but do not let off guard from the sight. As for a precaution, remember that the beach is a bit hot during the day because there are less shade trees. But that what it makes the beach is indeed an ideal place for sunbathing. For a different kind of atmosphere, in order to enjoy the fresh air and warm sunrise for a little walk along, just visit the beach during the morning or evening.


As for the location of Pererenan beach, it is precisely located in Pererenan Village, Mengwi District, Badung Regency, Bali. Actually, it is quite close from Seminyak. As for the coast of the beach  is situated on the west side of the island, which is in line with Kuta and Jimbaran Bay. It is facing directly to the beautiful India Ocean. Pererenan is just a few hundred meters away from Echo Beach.


In order to access Pererenan Beach, it is possible to reach it within an hour from Ngurah Rai International Airport. Just drive north to Kerobokan area through Sunset Road until hit the Canggu Highway. After that continue to Pantai Pererenan Road.

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