Mertasari Beach Bali

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Mertasari Beach Bali

General Information

Mertasari Beach is actually has a strategic location because of its close range to several tourist destinations. Those are Sanur’s historical landmarks, such as Bali Museum, Jagatnatha Temple, Werdhi Budaya Art Centre, and also the Bajra Sandhi Monument. As for the perfect time to visit Mertasari Beach, just visit from July to September when the weather is nice and friendly. Just visit Mertasari Beach in weekdays, because obviously, it will be too crowded in weekend especially in the national holiday. Actually, Mertasari Beach Bali has a wide variety of attraction, starting from travel destination facility to have fun activity together with family. It is also exist near with another popular surf place such as Sindhu Beach, Segara Beach, and also several other beaches.

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Beach Name

The name of the beach is Mertasari Beach Bali.

Mertasari Beach Bali Sand Color

As for the color of the sand of the beach is white.

Mertasari Beach Bali Activities

Mertasari is geared more towards local activities, such as fishing and boating, but you’ll find a wide range of water sports along the coast. Locals often use it for cycling and jogging in the early mornings.

Water Activities


Mertasari Beach Bali has strong winds year-round, so it is making Mertasari Beach Bali as a popular spot and place for windsurfers.

Kite Surfing

Furthermore, since Mertasari Beach Bali has strong winds year-round, so it is also a popular spot for kite surfers.


Some areas along the beach are protected by artificial wave breakers, so it is implicitly shown that swimming isn’t ideal in this beach. But several spot maybe safe to do it. In order to do that, just make sure and ask first to check whether it is safe or not to swim at that certain sport. Also, try to search the calm part or a part where there are many people swim in that part of the Mertasari Beach Bali.


Another water sport which is possible in Mertasari Beach Bali is Parasailing.


Another water sport which is also possible in Mertasari Beach Bali is Jetski.


Furthermore, there is also wakeboarding as another water sport which is also possible in Mertasari Beach Bali.


Another one which is also quite interesting for water activities in Mertasaari Beach Bali is diving.

Canoe or Kayak

For other extreme water sports exist is canoeing or kayaking. For canoeing, it will cost around IDR 50.000 for one person.

Standup Paddle

As for stand up paddle, it will also cost for renting the equipment which also around IDR 50.000 for one person.

Water Cycling

But it will costs different in case of water cycling where it will cost around IDR 75.000 for one person.

Beach Activities

Paramotoring and Paragliding

Its vast flat field serves as a take-off and landing spot for paramotoring and paragliding.

Playing Kites

Another unique activity which is possible to do at the beach is playing kites. It is quite often for Mertasari Beach Bali to be the host for the kites competition among several participants where the number of them can be up t0 1000 people at once. Furthermore, looking at the participants of the event, there are many kinds of kites which is played and fly out to the sky. Starting from the small one to the largest form complete with various types of colorful accessories. The wind from the beach is quite strong, so kites can fly easily.

Sunrise View

Mertasari Beach is also has several spot for viewing sunrise. Make sure to come before dawn.

Fine Dining

The dining scene in Mertasari ranges from resort-owned restaurants to local vendors selling cheap refreshments and snacks near the shoreline. So, for spending the evening through the night, Mertasari Beach can be a perfect place to enjoy fine dining.


Mertasari Beach Bali Location

Mertasari Beach, located at the southern end of Sanur Beach. Precisely, it exist in Banjar Mertasari, Sanur Village, Denpasar, Bali, Indonesia. You can get to this beach from Sanur via a beachfront pathway.

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