Legian Beach Bali

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Legian Beach Bali

General Information

As for generally every beach in Bali, Legian Beach is also a popular tourist destination for sunbath and water sports. It’s quite challenging to define the borders of these beaches, and they both offer very similar activities like surfing, partying, and shopping. For the scene in Legian beach, it is quite similar with Kuta. In Legian beach, there are also plenty parasol-shaded sun loungers. Furthermore, there are lots of kiosks selling cold drinks in beachfront. Also, roaming beach masseuses and peddlers selling knick-knacks overall the day. As for the surrounding of the Legian Beach, there is a road which is quite narrow. It is separating Legian Beach from the hotels, restaurants and bars of Legian. Those are also exist with some popular and luxury resorts adjoining beach clubs and luxurious amenities. Since it is only available to access by foot, it is not too busy as in Kuta Beach.

Beach Name

Actually, the beach name is a balinese word. The word Legian is a Balinese word meaning pleasant and delightful to the senses. So, the name is after the Balinese word for “sweet and pleasant”.


Water Activities


Actually, there is a specific time which is the best time to visit Legian beach for surfing. For surfers trying to find the best time in Legian beach for surfing can visit during the dry season (from April to August). At that time, it is the time when westerly winds result in favorable swells. Furthermore, it is the time when the water is generally temperate and free from flotsam.

For those who still don’t have any skills or experiences in surfing, in the Legian area, there has several popular surf schools. One among them  is the Rip Curl School of Surf. So, those surf schools normally known for having a great beginner and body boarding wave where surf lessons and board rental are easy to arrange on the beach with one of the local beach bar operators.


Fortunately, for those who want to swim, there are Balawista lifeguard posts along the beach. There is an indicator helper in the form of Red-and-yellow flags. It mean it’s safe to swim or surf, while solid red flags mean that it is forbidden and it should be avoid because of certain conditions, such as dangerous undercurrents.

Beach Activities


As for activities on beach where the preferences will just relax on the beach, just rent a sun lounger to enjoy the sunbath.

Beach Massage

Another one, it is the beach massage which has a price that is relatively affordable. For an important notion, just get the agreement on the price for massaging before having the actual massage. Such additional small tip is also normal if the massage given is above the satisfaction.

Volley Beach or Soccer Beach

Another activity in the beach, there is some visitors enjoying an impromptu beach soccer or volley tournament with the locals when the sun goes down.

Off the Beach Activities

Shopping at Legian Beach Area

For those who prefer and enjoy shopping, there is a boardwalk in Legian Beach. It is lined with various small art shops. Although most of the main shopping venues in the Legion are actually are away from the coastline.


In order to get in to Legian beach, just manage to get to the the end of Jalan Melasti using any vehicle, and just head down on to the beach where the Legian beach is in to the right.


Location: Legian Beach Road (Jalan Pantai Legian), Legian, Badung Regency, Bali, Indonesia

Legian Beach is a suburban where the beach area is in the west coast of Bali, Indonesia.  It is in to the north of  Kuta and it is to the south of Seminyak.  So, the location exist in the following Google Map :


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