Green Bowl Beach Bali

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Green Bowl Beach Bali

General Information

Green Bowl Beach Bali is one of the best beaches in the south. Turquiose water’s and powdery white sand, here’s all the info for visiting. The steep descent of hundreds of steps make this beach less populated, with only a few surfers and adventurous folks willing to make the effort. It is hidden behind a hill where exist not only a beautiful view of the sea but also several interesting caves where the limestone caves on the beach are perfect for taking a break.

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Beach Name

Green Bowl Beach

In the area where the Green Bowl Beach exist, there is a hill. That is a swoop hill where it is becoming the origin of the name of the beach. As in the appearance, this hill is a green hill. It is overgrown overgrown with curved shrubs like a bowl. Furthermore, since the beach is right under that prone bowl, that is why so many people call it as the Green Bowl Beach. The name is given has another reason because of when the sea , visitors can see the beach which looks like a bowl where there are many green corals covered by mosses.

Before the beach known with the name of Green Bowl Beach, this beach is known as Bali Cliff Beach. The main reason is because of the existence of the Bali Cliff Hotel where it was built in the upper part of the cliff. Some people also called this name with Hidden Beach Ungasan. As for the reason, it exist in Ungasan where the beach is hidden and secluded where not many people know the existence.


Green Bowl Beach Bali Sand Color


The sand color is white.


Green Bowl Beach Bali Activities

Water Activities


There is several surf spot in Green Bowl Beach where the waves rolling on through. Just check and look out for several places where the waves rolling. It is one of tourists favourite activities. Especially, surfers who try to challenge several strong waves exist in this beach. No wonder there are many tourists are walking down stairs while bringing surf board. For appropriate time to surf, try to start from the morning until evening at around 3 PM.

Off-Beach Activities

Exploring Caves

Green Bowl Beach is surrounded by rocks and corals where there are caves inside of it. The caves location is quite a perfect spot for taking several interesting pictures.


Green Bowl Beach Bali Location


Precisely located on the hill dipping Ungasan Village, South Kuta District, Badung Regency. Below is the location of the Green Bowl Beach in Google Maps :

Green Bowl Beach Bali Access

Green Bowl Beach is one of the most secluded beaches in Bali. Although it is secluded which is located in Ungasan, it is approximately about 15 minutes from any nearest town. It is in the most southern point of Bali where it is just over Melasti Beach. It is  around an hour from Canggu but relatively easy to get to because Green Bowl beach is well signposted on the drive there.

For accessing Green Bowl Beach, as an alternative, just rent a scooter. Furthermore, it is not recommended driving alone over there if there is no experience on it before.  Another alternative is just by hiring a taxi or a driver for about IDR 800,000 (approximately $50 USD) just for a day. Certainly, if it is just a one day trip from Canggu or Seminyak, it will be very practical. For the parking fee, it will just cost IDR5,000 (approximately $0.30 USD). Just paid it in the kiosk where you park your vehicle when you are getting off the beach. From the parking lot, just went down to the beach.

The beach itself exist down through approximately 300 stairs. Just be careful on the way down. More importantly, it is also a little bit more difficult on the way up. Pay attention on the surrounding because of lots of vegetation in both side of the stairs. Also be cautious for the environment around because there are lots of monkeys moving around ready to take your stuff and cause mischief in them.


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