Dreamland Beach Bali

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Dreamland Beach Bali

General Information

A popular surfing beach and it became the most popular beach in Pecatu. In the past, it was formerly secluded and had casual refreshment stands and inns. It has since become the beach of an extensive tourist development. Bali Pecatu Graha, a company owned by Tommy Suharto, the youngest son of former Indonesian president, bought the land including the beach in 1995.

The following year, it finally began the development of the 400-hectare Pecatu Indah Resort and the resort eventually also became New Kuta Beach because the name of the beach is changed in the first place. Actually, the development was paused from 1998 to 2004 because of the Asian financial crisis and the 2002 Bali bombings. Furthemore, in the late 2000s, approximately 38 businesses were relocated from the beach to purpose-built shops. This beach remains open to the public.

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Beach Name

Cimongka Beach

The beach itself is originally have the name of Cimongka as the name from the Balinese people or the locals.

Dreamland Beach

As time goes by when there are many tourists visiting this beach, out of nowhere, it was named Dreamland Beach by Australians. But actually, there is another version of the story where it is becoming the initial history as why this beach name to be called Dreamland. The main reason is because in the previous few periods the biggest tourist center project in Southeast Asia will be located on Dreamland Beach. In that case, it is becoming a source of hope for the locals to be able to improve a better standard of living than before. Those local residents hope to be able to move jobs previously which is most of them are farmers to become entrepreneurs in the tourism business.

New Kuta Beach

Currently, Dreamland Beach is now officially known as New Kuta Beach or it was renamed New Kuta Beach.

Dreamland Beach Bali Sand Color

It is a beach with clean white sand.


Dremaland Beach Bali Activities

Water Activities


Swimming in the beachfront area of the beach.

Beach Activities

Beach Walk

Taking a walk in the beachfront location of the beach.

Playing with Sand, Sit or Just Relax at the Beach

Many tourists or visitors also play in the sand or just sit and relax on the beach while enjoying snacks and cold drinks.


A perfect place as any other beach especially in Bali for sunbathing. Any visitors or tourists can rent a lounger equipped with a beach umbrella while sunbathing. So, for sunbathing, it is possible just to hire an umbrella and sun deck available most of the time along the coastline.


Dreamland Beach Bali Location

Dreamland beach is a beach located in Pecatu on Peninsula Hill on the island of Bali, Indonesia. Precisely, it lies southwest of Bali island at Ungasan Village, Kuta district in the Kuta Golf Link Resort or Bali Pecatu Graha complex. Below is the location of the Dreamland Beach in Google Maps :

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