Blue Point Beach Bali

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Blue Point Beach Bali

General Information

It is another beach exist in Bali where there are lots of interesting stuff available. Foreign tourist or visitor named it as Blue Point Beach Bali. For this beach, the main part of the it has a width of approximately 15 meters. It is also the entrance to the sea. This beach is surrounded by rocks. Because of that, it can use as a shield to protect visitors at noon when it is very hot because of the sun. According to several sources, the waves were very calm. So,  this beach has several spot for swimming where it is possible soak in it. There may have many coral reefs in beach, but is not as sharp as it seems. Looks even very gentle and does not harm. Below is the image of the beach :

Blue Point Beach Bali Source File : Wikimedia Commons Suluban Beach, Pecatu, Bali Image By : tigoretagore - Own Work CC BY-SA 3.0
Blue Point Beach Bali Source File : Wikimedia Commons Suluban Beach, Pecatu, Bali Image By : tigoretagore – Own Work CC BY-SA 3.0

Beach Name

As for the beach name, in this article it is the Blue Point Beach. The reason for the naming of the beach is very simple. It is because near the beach there is a hotel with the name of Bluepoint Villas. That hotel is actually quite very popular outside of Bali because it was used for shooting advertising a brand drinks. Moreover, that shooting advertising was starring Miss Universe. But through several searching process, it is not clear when the even took place and which Miss Universe starred it.

As for brand drink advertisement, there is a possibility it is the YOU.C1000 brand drink. And as for the one starring it, there are several possibilities. It can be Iris Mittenaere as Miss Universe 2016 or Catriona Gray as Miss Universe 2018. Both of them took that brand drink advertisement in Bali. Still, there is not enough information. For information about which one among them using Bluepoint Villas as the place for shooting the brand drink advertisement.

Back to the topic of the name, the local residents actually familiar with the name of Suluban beach. ‘Suluban’ adoption of the word ‘mesulub’ which in Balinese language means “in bali have to stoop to walk through a gap in the cliff”. So, Suluban itself is better known as Bluepoint.

Sand Color

Several source mention it as white sandy beach, in other words it has a white sand. it’s the nearest place to see the sun setting on the sea.



So, in order to access the Blue Point Beach, it is possible from Kuta beach which has a distance by driving for about 45 minutes by passing through the winding roads and up and down. Moreover, the location of the Blue Point is still a one-way to the temple of Uluwatu, Padang-padang beach, and Dreamland. So, this beach is actually situated in the village of Pecatu. It is a region exist namely at the southern tip of the Badung regency. In order to get in to the Blue Point beach, it cost IDR 5000 for one person as an entry fee and and IDR 2000 for each vehicle for the parking fee. If you following the direction down to the path below this restaurant, it will lead you to the secret gap cliff and if you follow it then you will finally reach the rocky beach, Blue point Beach. This may be because the road to this beach you must go down through a narrow road between the coastal cliffs before reaching the blue point beach you will see many restaurants overlooking west with views of the ocean and the beautiful sunset.


Water Activities


Actually, there is several natural spot or pool for swimming. Luckily if there is an opportunities to just soak in along with small fish exist in these natural pools. Just be careful for swimming because there is no lifeguard around.


Although the wave of the beach is calm, but in the middle, there is where exist lots of best waves. Many surfers heading into the middle to get the experience better of surfing in this beach.

Beach Activities

Enjoying Sunset View

Actually, in the west is the best place to see the sunset. Here also there is a nice beach just like in the middle of Blue Point Beach, but what makes it different is the sunset view is very nice here. So, enjoying sunset view is an alternative activity.


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