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Amed Beach

General Information

This is a beach where the main attraction is more on the beautiful scenery under water compared the one exist in the beach itself. That is why this beach is an ideal place for those who really like snorkeling and diving.

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Beach Name

Amed Beach

The beach name is Amed Beach. One of the reason is because the location is in Amed village. So, it is obvious that the beach name is becoming Amed Beach.

Amed Beach Bali Sand Color

It is a beach with a black sand so, there is no white sand in this beach.

Amed Beach Entrance Ticket


There is no entrance ticket for entering Amed Beach. In other words, it is free to enter Amed Beach.


Amed Beach Bali Facilities

In this case, for the facilities there are several types exist in the Amed Beach. For the public facilities, below are those :


There are several public toilet which is available around Amed Beach where every tourists can use.

Parking Space

Normally, for parking free it only takes IDR2,000 for motorcycle and IDR5,000 for car.

Amed Beach Bali Activities

Water Activities

For water activities, Amed Beach is actually popular for diving or snorkeling, either for beginner or experienced and professional one. Coincidentally, Amed Beach location is quite near with Tulamben which is the best diving spot in Bali.


So, the first one is diving where there are many tourists or visitors choosing Amed Beach as for diving. Furthermore, if the diving destination especially in Tulamben.

Free Diving

Before going on further, what is actually Free Diving ?. Basically, it is an under water diving which only rely on solely on the ability to be able to hold breath as long as possible. Free Diving does not using any respiration tool like diving equipment. So, Free Diving does not use any other breathing aid or breathing apparatus as an additional equipment.

Amed Beach is one the favorite place for Free Diving in Bali. So everyday, there will be many Free Diver come to dive in Amed and Tulamben. There is an exciting spot in Amed Beach for free diving. That spot is the famous one because of the less powerful sea current and also not to deep cliff wall where it is in the Jemeluk Bay. There are many Free Diving school which exist in Tulamben or Amed.

Scuba Diving

Aside from free diving which is the regular one as scuba diving, many tourists actually want to try and do it. When they on vacation especially in Bali, they want to try scuba diving activities. But normally, they do not have a scuba diving license. In that case, there are several several scuba diving school or training center.


Another one which Amed was famous for its for snorkeling spot. One of the famous snorkeling spot exist in Amed Beach which is a very beautiful one exist in the area of Jemeluk Village.  The coral reefs and abundance of sea life are amazing. Also, there is another favorite spot for snorkeling about 20 meter from the Amed Beach shoreline which is quite interesting in Banyuning Village.

Beach Activities

Enjoying Sunrise View in the middle of Amed Sea

This is another unique activities for gaining different experience on enjoying sunrise. It is considered as a different experience since it is not done in the beach. Instead, it will be nice to see and enjoy the sunrise in the middle of the sea. It is possible by hiring local fisherman boat which in Balinese language it is called as “Jukung”. Unfortunately, it can only load two passengers and one helmsman which is normally has their own profession as a fisherman. If it turns out that the passengers are more than two person, just hire additional boat. The rent for traditional fisherman boat for sunrise seeing trip is IDR 350,000 for one boat. This tour activity trip will set to the sea at 5 AM in the morning and will be back in the beach around 07.30 AM.

Fishing in the middle of Amed Sea

Basically, it just fishing in the middle of the sea where it is possible to do. It is possible by hiring one of the traditional boat and ask fisherman to bring to the fishing location. Normally, this fishing activities starts in the morning so that the tourist can have a higher chance on catching fishes. For fishing equipment, just hire it from the boat owner whom providing the service to bring to the fishing location in the middle of the sea for IDR 50,000.

Local Traditional Massage

In Amed Beach, there are several local masseus which is very skilled for giving a massage service.


Amed Beach Bali Safety

In November 2017, Mount Agung erupted causing Bali’s airport in Denpasar to close down. Since then, the volcano has spewed ash a few times, evoking all sorts of panic among would-be visitors. Yes, Amed is close to Mount Agung but it’s not in the evacuation zone. As of January 2020, it’s business as usual in Amed.


Amed Beach Bali Location

Address Location: Amed Highway Road, Bunutan, Karangasem, Bali 80852, Indonesia

Amed Beach is located in the eastern part of Bali. It exist in Abang Regency, Karangasem Bali. Below is the location of Amed Beach in Google Maps :


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